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New Paintings by James Mortimer

24 October – 22 November

Opening Reception:
Thursday 23 October, 6:30 – 8:30

(Together with a performance by the Baron Gilvan)

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We are pleased to present our first solo show for the young English painter James Mortimer.

James’s fey boys inhabit a world of uncomplicated decadence, a surreal Renaissance landscape where man and beast exist together on increasingly equal terms. Inhibitions go out the window; each is a slave to their own nature. The ensuing relationships provide fertile ground for myriad little dramas as the companions look to get along. Animals become mischievous, even vicious at times. Their masters try to rise above it, retaining an almost Imperial sense of composure, but in the process find themselves somehow detached, lost even, gazing wistfully into the opium haze of their peculiar adopted land.

Whilst seemingly simple, there is wealth of drama playing out behind the scenes. Visual puns and innuendoes pepper his paintings like Freudian slips of the brush. Every fruit and every plant is pregnant with suggestion. Exoticism and the thrill of travel also permeate every scene, like Victorian Boy’s Own adventures that have turned slightly spicy and risqué. And underneath it all, there is a simmering sexuality. These characters are vain, vice-loving and beautiful; they are what the gaze what meant for.

At 25 years of age, James is a remarkable talent. His works are instantly recognisable, thanks to their distinctive style and humour, their playful combination of art historical references, and the unusual light that he gives them. As an artist, James is self-taught. Collections include The Club at the Ivy, London; The Spurstowe Arms & The Windsor Castle, Hackney; and private collections in the UK, China, Singapore, and the USA.

The Baron Gilvan

Alongside James Mortimer’s exhibition, we are pleased to present a performance and exhibition of works by the inimitable Baron Gilvan.

The Baron is the creation of the British artist Chris Gilvan-Cartwright. Originally conceived as a conduit for his own creativity, The Baron is the governor of all Chris’s works, the character through which it all must flow.

A dispossessed Mitteleuropa aristocrat, landed up on the shores of Blighty clutching only his paintings and his hopes, the Baron is concerned with only the intensity of life itself, and the beauty of the ideal. He is raw, unflinching, and utterly sincere, a compact of all that is magnificent.

On the opening night, the Baron will be in residence in the basement, receiving visitors and well-wishers in his live portrait studio. A selection of his landscape paintings will also be present, fruit of the Baron’s forays into the South Downs of England, and his endeavours of capturing in paint the magical energy of the land.

A visit is not simply recommended; it is essential.

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