Andrew Rucklidge


Andrew Rucklidge is a Canadian artist who targets a zone of conflict between traditional romanticism and 21st Century industrial design. His sweeping panoramas of grand Sublime landscapes are finely inscribed with graphic diagrams and architectural skeins, suggesting a technological framework supporting the Sublime Ideal that has been mapped out with military precision. On the one hand grandiose, the undertone is cold, hard, and calculating, the paintings seeming almost apocalyptic as they surge in protest against the intrusion. Like a subtle subterfuge, it is as if the romantic tradition of landscape painting were a target to be observed, analysed, and exploited without remorse. Based in Toronto, Andrew Rucklidge received an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College in 2003 and has exhibited widely in the UK including at Limoncello, Rokeby Gallery, New Contemporaries at Victoria Miro, and a solo at Store Gallery in London. His work features in numerous collections including UBS & Bloomberg.