Sue Williams A’Court


Sue Williams A’Court is a contemporary painter living and working in London.
A’Court’s practice explores the notion of the visual sublime working within painting, collage and drawing, she employs re-imagined landscapes as a trigger for encounter or contemplation.

Classical landscape references are reinterpreted in a new context, rendered in graphite on a variety of surfaces. The form, composition and materiality are meticulously constructed to summon a state of mind rather than a specific location.

Central to the work is an exploration of the human desire for solace in “numinous” experience within a reductionist secular context.
The tension between the precision drawing and the loosely painted ground references different models of art history and alludes to contrasting types of mental attention competing for the same psychological space.

A’Court invites curiosity of ones own mental states. Her own interest has been informed by the ideas of pre-eminent psychiatrist Ian McGilchrist’s in his book “ the Master and His Emissary-the Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World”, presenting his research on the hemisphere differences and the different perspectives they have in constructing our current experience and impact on our society.

A’Court was shortlisted for The Threadneedle Art Prize 2014. Other selected group exhibitions include: The Jerwood Drawing Prize, John Moores Painting Prize, The National Art Open and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Her work is in public and private collections in the U.K. Europe and the U.S.A.