Troy Brooks


Troy Brooks looks at the contradictions of artificiality through portraits of androgynous women captured at the height of their own private dramas. Presenting them spot-lit, Troy makes them appear almost like film stars, enhancing the suggestion of potent hidden narratives. In this way his women seem somehow prisoners of their own exuberance, beholden to their decadent impulses whilst also lucid enough to perceive their own folly.

Troy is a contemporary Canadian painter who lives and works in Toronto. His work has been celebrated throughout the international pop surrealist scene in recent years, with exhibitions including Corey Helford in Los Angeles, Jonathan LeVine in New York, and 19 Karen Artscapce in Australia. In 2013 Troy was commissioned by the City of Toronto to create a major 60 ft public mural on Church St in Toronto. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Juxtapox, Hi Fructose, and Hey! Magazine.