Spring Equinox At Worm Moon

Oil on canvas, 2019

25cm W x 30cm H


During March, as Spring arrives and the temperature rises, the icy earth begins to thaw. The earth worm again emerges to the surface, causing a frenzy for the birds who appear in great numbers to feed. Ancients who observed this phenomenon aptly christened the full moon that marked this time as ‘Full Worm Moon’. In North America, native tribesman named the March full moon, ‘Full Crow Moon’ as the sound of ‘caws’, of the nest building crows, could be heard in abundance at the time of year. It was seen as a symbol of the end of the dark months of winter and the beginning of the cleansing months of Spring, when nature once again comes alive and fertility returns to the land. This year the Worm Moon fell on the same day as the Spring Equinox, the time of year when night and day are of equal length, and the long dark nights of winter have passed and various celebrations take place globally to mark the occasion, most notably by the Druids.

Ben Edge | Spring Equinox At Worm Moon


Ben Edge

Spring Equinox At Worm Moon