Sturgeon Moon

Oil on canvas, 2019

25cm W x 30cm H


The name of the Sturgeon moon comes from it being the time of year when sturgeon were most readily caught in abundance during August’s full moon. Also taking place in August is another tradition believed to be related to fishing, The Burryman. There is much speculation surrounding the origins of the Burryman, with the local folklore being that when the fishing was bad the Burryman was brought out as a scapegoat, where he would take away all the bad luck and evil spirits and as a result ‘would raise the herring’ and the fish would return and there would be a successful harvest. The same tradition used to take place across other Scottish fishing communities, but has since died out, leaving the one and only Burryman of South Queensferry now in existence.

Ben Edge | Sturgeon Moon


Ben Edge

Sturgeon Moon