Babel Britain (after Verhaecht)

Transparency on Bespoke LED Lightbox, Edition of 20, 2017

140.5cm W x 128cm H


‘Babel Britain (after Verhaecht)’ once again adopts the Tower of Babel theme, (previously used by Allchurch to portray the city of London in 2005 and 2015), but this time as a comment on the state of Britain in its entirety. This piece is based upon Tobias Verhaecht’s (1561-1631) large-scale painting of the ‘Tower of Babel’, displayed at the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

This work is available as a transparency on LED lightbox, or as an archival C-type print mounted onto aluminium and framed behind UV + AR Artglass. The edition is of 20 + 2APs, irrespective of the format.

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Emily Allchurch

Babel Britain (after Verhaecht)