Print on concrete, 2019

60cm Wx 45cm H

Queen Elizabeth ‘Sisi’ of Austria Hungary (1837- 1898) took some interest in the fate of Hungary, which she liked a lot. This is why she has so many statues in Budapest. She was not heavily engaged in politics however, spending most of her time riding and exercising, notorious among her courtiers for doing quite unbefitting exercises on a daily basis. Her self absorption and self actualisation seems very contemporary to us, but not too impressive in the face of Europe’s hurtling into disaster. This original marble of Sisi, Elizabeth Empress of Austria, is in the garden of the Art Academy. She was once promised a new hand but appears since to have been abandoned among experimental pieces of student sculpture, unhewn marble and invading plants. In this work the artist provided the missing left hand to the statue of Sisi.



Liane Lang