Et In Arcadia Ego

Oil on linen

150cm W x 120cm H


A study of Paradise Lost. I specifically chose this image of a Native American to include in this work as it stirs up feelings of guilt, loss, and sadness, especially amongst Europeans.  The woman is smiling which adds greater poignancy – possibly signifying hope. The Dakota pipeline dispute had just ignited while I was painting this, involving a total disregard for the indigenous people. For me, this lent political/social overtones to the painting. The background is taken from a painting by Hendrik Voogd, a Dutch landscape artist influenced by Claude Lorraine. ‘Italian landscape with Umbrella Pines’ 1768 – 1839.  The two images link together, both visually and as having an historical European meets Native American relationship.  Interestingly, there was also a French colony in North America called Arcadia from 1604 – 1713. I imagine the settlers were hoping for paradise.

Morwenna Morrison | Et In Arcadia Ego


Morwenna Morrison

Et In Arcadia Ego