Keeping Secrets

Digital Ultrachrome on archival paper, edition 10 of 20

110cm W x 91cm H


“We all keep secrets and we even keep secrets from ourselves. Our subconscious mind is a mystery to our conscious mind and guards its secrets very well. The act of talking can bring forth surprising revelations and can be just as surprising to the speaker than to those hearing a spontaneous utterance. It is also possible to rid oneself of pain and inner turmoil by speaking those things we keep under lock and key. By putting emotions to words or by sharing them or even drawing or painting a picture, we give ourselves a gift of being able to forget for a time. We give ourselves a release from the burden of the past and know our secrets are safe in a diary, or with a friend, or sitting peacefully in a picture.”


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Ray Caesar | Keeping Secrets


Ray Caesar

Keeping Secrets