5 March to 9 March 2014


For Scope New York 2014, we are pleased to present “Arcadia”, a solo exhibition of new work by Koh Sang Woo. The project features a series of new pieces in collaboration with the renowned Korean model Han Hye Jin, as part of an important new commission for W Magazine.

In late 2013, following the success of the project where Yayoi Kusama used George Clooney as her muse, W Magazine Korea commissioned 9 important Korean artists to continue the theme. Each artist was given complete freedom to choose a muse and create a 10-page feature on the theme of fashion and the woman. For Koh, the choice was clear: both for her striking balance of muscular strength and femininity, and for her story of determination in breaking into the NY fashion world, it had to be Han.

Supported by some of the top-flight names in fashion, such as Dior, Gucci, Prada, Miumiu, and Christian Louboutin, the shoot has produced some incredibly electric works. Han Jin’s strong presence translates beautifully into Koh’s signature style and concept, to produce works which capture the energy and grit of making it in one the toughest industries on the planet.

In contrast, other works in Koh’s new series explore the counter-position to such urban high-living, working with from deep in the Korean countryside and shot in scenes of romantic, idealised nature. Two sides of the same coin: idealism, and making it real.

Installation Images