Behind the Mask

3 May to 30 May 2007


Matthew Small | Tim Blake | Yuko Nasu | Jody Boehnert | Peter Michael.

Sesame is proud to present Behind The Mask, a show about who we are, what we want, what we fear and how we hide it, explored through the work of five exciting young figurative painters: Matthew Small, Tim Blake, Yuko Nasu, Jody Boehnert & Peter Michael.

Sexuality and desire, curiosity and fear, aggression and vulnerability… All are aspects of human interaction that inform this collection of work – the penetrating portraits on metal by Matthew Small; the graphic, gritty urban characters of Tim Blake; the imaginary fluid portraits of Japanese artist Yuko Nasu; the raw page 3 models of Canadian artist Jody Boehnert; and the monumental archetypal figures of Peter Michael. Together they create a portrait of the driving forces that brings us together and simultaneously keep us apart.