December 2018

December 2018 | Andrew McIntosh, Claire Partington, Gill Button, Jane Ward, Olivia Kemp, Ray Caesar, Sam Branton, Suzanne Moxhay


Claire Partington | Della Robbia Lemons 2
Andrew McIntosh | Everybody Here Is Out Of Sight
Andrew McIntosh | I Just Can't Hide It
Andrew McIntosh | Trying Hard to Recreate What Had Yet to be Created
Sam Branton | Horse with Two Swans
Sam Branton | Crane and Carp with Lioness
Sam Branton | Elephant Calf with Flamboyance
Sam Branton | Sailfish with Elephant Calf
Sam Branton | Monkey with Narwhal
Sam Branton | Lion and Crane with Rainbow Trout
Sam Branton | Night Narwhal
Suzanne Moxhay | Entrance VI
Olivia Kemp | Scrapheap VIII
Ray Caesar | Song for the Dearly Departed
Ray Caesar | Nature of Gravity
Gill Button | Marjan
Gill Button | Beatrijs
Gill Button | Clara
Gill Button | Helene
Jane Ward | The High Way (Bridge)