A Random Access exhibition

The run-up to Christmas is all about shopping, and December tends to be a sweet spot on a gallery’s calendar for a random group show – one that offers diversity and choice in time for the Christmas rush. But is there more to the melange than just addressing commercial demand? While the usual function of group exhibitions is to create some kind of artistic “dialogue”, the Christmas show is like the artworld equivalent of speed-dating – a rapid exchange of aesthetics, and then you take it home if you like it…

To explore this more thoroughly, we are pleased to present “Dynamic Array”, a show whose central premise is change and adaptation. Designed as a kind of random access exhibition, both content and display are subject to change at any time – works or artists may be added, removed or relocated in response to any of the following input:

• Suggestions
• Sales
• Just because (no reason given)

The computer literate amongst you may recognise the programming reference of the show’s title, and so, in keeping with the digital theme, all changes will be administered through the gallery’s Facebook page, where recommendations can also be submitted (and supported or rejected by the public as appropriate). Execution of requests or recommendations is, of course, at the gallery’s discretion. To get involved, visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Freeman-Gallery/105287752871141

The opening lineup of the Array includes:

– New sculptures by Claire Partington
– New paintings by Miriam Jarrs
– New drawings by Sam Branton
– Along with works by Jon Braley, Chen Hongzhu, Koh Sang Woo & Yuko Nasu

Installation Images