New Paintings

13 September to 12 October 2007


Jon Braley’s principal project is to capture the raw experience of nature in paint. Although based on landscape painting, his works are not literal but are concerned with capturing sensations and emotions such as awe, majesty and rapture through bold and brilliant colour, combined with an organic use of texture within the painted surface. They hide more than they reveal, within varying levels of varnish. Once finished, his works act as a type of window onto the wilderness.

This new body of work marks a new stage in Jon’s use of materials and his medium. The softer, more fluid paintwork is a distinct departure from his earlier work, and yet still retains the same sensation of directness and natural power. Likewise, his use of resin to finish and encapsulate the paintings gives them a heightened intensity. Together these new paintings represent an important milestone in Jon’s development as one of them most exciting young abstract painters working in the UK today.