Primordial Soup

Primordial Soup | Carolein Smit, Chris Berens, James Mortimer, Sam Branton


James Mortimer | Garden with lions
James Mortimer | Wheatfield
James Mortimer | Boatman
James Mortimer | Lagoon
Sam Branton | Roses within, lilies without
Sam Branton | Birds with lightning bugs
Sam Branton | Two fawns eating frogs
Sam Branton | Foal with dinoflagellates
Sam Branton | Birds with two monkeys
Sam Branton | Dolphin with a flamingo
Carolein Smit | Satyr with fruit and flowers
Carolein Smit | Tattooed baby with jewellery
Carolein Smit | White rider of the Apocalypse
Carolein Smit | Hare on trunks with fungus
Carolein Smit | Medusa
Carolein Smit | Borometz
Chris Berens | Moorland
Chris Berens | Heather
Chris Berens | Tasmanian Angel
Chris Berens | Bulwark
Chris Berens | Xayide