Resident in the Basement


We are pleased to present a performance and exhibition of works by the inimitable Baron Gilvan.

The Baron is the creation of the British artist Chris Gilvan-Cartwright. Originally conceived as a conduit for his own creativity, The Baron is the governor of all Chris’s works, the character through which it all must flow.

A dispossessed Mitteleuropa aristocrat, landed up on the shores of Blighty clutching only his paintings and his hopes, the Baron is concerned with only the intensity of life itself, and the beauty of the ideal. He is raw, unflinching, and utterly sincere, a compact of all that is magnificent.

On the opening night, the Baron will be in residence in the basement, receiving visitors and well-wishers in his live portrait studio. A selection of his landscape paintings will also be present, fruit of the Baron’s forays into the South Downs of England, and his endeavours of capturing in paint the magical energy of the land.

A visit is not simply recommended; it is essential.

Installation Images

Resident in the Basement

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