Sarah Harvey & Miriam Jarrs

18 July to 11 August 2007



Fresh from her recent success at the Royal Academy, where against stiff competition she gained second place in the Insight Investment Newcomers’ Award, Sesame is proud to present new paintings by Sarah Harvey.

Deservedly, Sarah is rapidly gaining recognition for her magnificent paintings of figures abstracted by water in immersive green pools. With a superb command of light, Sarah’s paintings explore the space where the distinction between figurative and abstract painting dissolves. The results are fresh, fluid and beautiful, and confirm Sarah as an extremely exciting and promising young British painter.

Together with new works by Sarah, Sesame is introducing a new artist, Miriam Jarrs, from Hamburg in Germany.

Miriam’s paintings are akin to dreamlike adventures in magical landscapes where her figures become lost and enchanted. While they have an almost childlike innocence, underlying Miriam’s works is a strange sense of the unknown, like the mysterious attraction of the forest, that makes them complex, intriguing and engaging. Having recently enjoyed a solo exhibition at the HSH Nordbank in Moorgate, this will be Miriam’s first gallery show in the UK.