Aron Weisenfeld: Featured in Colossal Magazine

Ahead of the upcoming show at James Freeman Gallery featuring Aron Wiesenfeld’s oil paintings, Grace Ebert discusses his new ‘Post-It’ drawings. A friend requested that he do a small a small drawing on a ‘Post It’ note in ink. Aron enjoyed the scaled-down surface and decided to create a whole series in the medium. The drawings explore themes of childhood boredom and ennui.

Aron states that the medium “forces you to be very economical since you only have 10 to 20 lines to make a cloud or a field of grass. I have so much respect for cartoonists who do that well, like R. Crumb or Edward Gorey…Because the drawings are so small, every movement of the hand is magnified when seen on a screen, and the lines seem more fluid or spontaneous than a larger drawing might be.”

Aron Wiesenfeld’s oil paintings will be exhibited at James Freeman Gallery in October.

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