Cheri Smith: Fortnight Institute, NY

Cheri Smith’s solo exhibition ‘Swallowing Figments’ will be on show at the Fortnight Institute in New York from 14 March – 20 April 2024.

“A woman lies supine diagonally across a field of creatures and close to the picture plane, creating an immediacy and intimacy with the viewer. The dynamic placement of the figure and animals heightens the tenebrous atmosphere in this animalia, which is full of intensity and tremorous stillness (echoing, unintentionally, Caravaggio’s work from 1601, Conversion on the Way to Damascus). Her limbs spread to the edges of the canvas, and the beige-light brown coloration of her flesh becomes one with the earth. The deep indigo blue of her top seamlessly blends into her bruised skin at the sleeves, where there is no limit between fabric and skin. The blue becomes her flesh, eyes blankly possessed, and the body recedes into the threshold of the tellurian and metaphysical…”

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