Claire Curneen: Art Fund

Claire Curneen’s piece ‘The Guardian II’ has been featured on the front of the Art Fund’s annual report. The Atkinson, having procured it with the support of the Art Fund, will add it to their collection of almost 3000 works dating from between the 17th to the 21st Century. James Freeman Gallery will be putting on an exhibition of her new sculptures in January; ‘A Creature Made of Clay’.

Claire’s sculptures are poignant reflections on the nature of humanity and our precarious place within it. Universal themes of loss, suffering and sacrifice underlie her intricate, porcelain figures, their translucent and fragile qualities offering potent metaphors through which to consider the human condition. Her new show focuses more on art history and history to reveal the mythological animism in human and animal forms.

A Creature Made of Clay’ will open from 11th January until 3rd February. Please contact the gallery for a catalogue.


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