Liane Lang: Deep Time Dip, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny

Liane Lang’s first international institutional solo exhibition opens on 10 August at the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny, curated by Anna O’Sullivan. The exhibition includes new work from the series Touch Stone as well as selected work from previous series. The show coincides with the Kilkenny Arts Festival.


Butler Gallery, in association with Kilkenny Arts Festival, is very pleased to present Deep Time Dip by Liane Lang, a German-born, London-based visual artist who explores time and memory through monuments and historic landscape in her mixed media practice.

Lang approaches this history with an eye to deep time and constant change. The mixture of material fascination and fragmented storytelling allows us to contemplate our actions in the landscape differently, as we prepare for the cataclysmic changes we must now make globally in how things are made and done. Lang explores a unique space between sculpture and photography, drawing together a material, haptic experience and the narrative and time related language of photography.


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