Matt Smith: Untold Lives at Kensington Palace

Matt Smith is exhibiting at Kensington Palace in London as part of the exhibition ‘Untold Lives’.

The exhibition looks at the forgotten stories of those who worked at the royal palaces over 300 years ago. It includes a series of meat platters Matt made for the show entitled ‘Shame: the sad and melancholy tale of Gustavus Guydickens’.

It has been a jewel of a project to work on. It’s a true, 18th century mystery of intrigue, accusations and downfall and a massive dollop of gay shame. It’s been a huge privilege to be trusted with telling Gusty’s story for the 21st century, and realising that for many, not nearly enough has changed in 250 years.” – Matt Smith

‘Untold Lives’ runs from 14 March – 27 October 2024.

Visit the exhibition on the Kensington Palace website here.

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