‘Unreal’: Featured in the Londonist’s Top Exhibitions List

Tabish Khan, art critic at The Londonist, has selected ‘Unreal’ as one of their ‘Top Exhibitions to See in London’ in November. Combining the works of Emily Allchurch, Liane Lang and Suzanne Moxhay, the show presents the work of three women artists for whom photography is a tool for imaginative creation. The Londonist describes it as being taken “back and forwards through time”.

Emily Allchurch’s artworks reconstruct historical artworks as collages of thousands of her own photographs. Liane Lang’s work revisits her series Glorious Oblivion of statues to historic women, using both humour and melancholy to undermine the cool distance and neutral gaze of the white marble monuments. Suzanne Moxhay’s images present poetic scenes where nature has overrun civilisation.

The exhibition runs from 2nd November to 25th November.

Explore the show and artists here.

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