Volker Hermes: National Gallery Film

The National Gallery has released an insightful interview between Volker Hermes, artist, and Peter Braithwaite, opera singer, exploring the paintings of Frans Hals. Volker is well known for his photoraphic collages that hide the face of the sitter using masks developed from the clothing in the original painting.

Focusing on the the importance of costume and pose, Volker states that to obscure the face of the subject is to encourage the viewer to see the visual context of the figure, which can often give away as much as the face. They deep dive into Frans Hals’ portraits and his ingenius use of body stance to indicate character while also touching on Peter’s love of costume on the opera stage.

James Freeman Gallery will be exhibiting Volker Hermes’s ‘Hidden Portraits’ at the London Art Fair in January 2024 at the Business Design Centre.

Watch the film on the National Gallery’s page here.

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